Meet Your Chiropractor

My passion is to help everyone achieve their health goals; I am not satisfied until we do!


Dr. Shanna Rai

Dr. Shanna Rai, Chiropractor and Clinic Director of Calgary Family Wellness, was born and raised in Vancouver, British Colombia. Dr. Shanna attained her B.Sc. in biology at Simon Fraser University. She graduated from the University of Western States in Portland, Oregon, USA, with her Bachelors in Science in Human Biology and

Doctorate in Chiropractic.

She decided to become a Chiropractor after her mother suffered a severe car accident in 2007. Her mother tried many different therapies to help with the concussion and neurological injuries after her accident and finally decided to see a Chiropractor. Seeing the Chiropractor improved her symptoms significantly and this is when Dr. Shanna decided to pursue her career as a Chiropractor.

Dr. Shanna’s passion is to change the health of the world! So she has decided to start with changing the health of her community. She loves to learn and educate her patients on many different health related topics including nutrition, healthy eating, stress reduction and exercise. She adores working with many different ages, especially children. She believes that we need to start right from the trauma of birth to help kids grow up strong and healthy to be able to withstand the stresses of everyday life!

Dr. Shanna’s practice is wide ranging, focusing on family wellness; treating patients from infants to grandparents, athletes to office workers. She is passionate about ensuring our children grow up as healthy as they should be, and that as adults we continue to maintain good health, through optimal alignment of the body and health promotion.

Dr. Shanna offers a wide range of techniques to apply to her patient care, including diversified manual adjusting, Webster’s Technique for pregnant women, as well as more gentle techniques such as drop table and instrument adjusting (Activator technique and Impulse). Her soft tissue techniques include Graston, Resisted Muscle Stretching and Cupping. Through Dr. Rai’s vast tool-box of techniques and current approach, she aims to help you optimize your well-being through exceptional care and lifestyle recommendations.

Dr. Rai offers safe and effective health care to those who would like to achieve balance of the body and mind. Her humour, compassion and sensitivity allow her to provide deep, therapeutic soft tissue work and gentle, precise adjustments that encourage rapid healing.